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New Name = ” Counseling and Opinion Blog”

I wanted to tell everyone on my LinkedIN and Face Book pages that I decided to widen the scope of the Drtruthman Blog.

With doing less Insurance Adjusting these days and more Writing and Counseling, I decided to use this excellent Blog space by WordPress for a greater purpose.

I will continue to write about my involvement and experience in the Insurance Industry on occasion but I will begin moving to a variety of topics including Politics, History, the Paranormal and Counseling.   Counseling will be my primary focus.  There are too many “charlatans” on the internet in this area.  Many who have no certifications and even one very popular so-called counselor who doesn’t  have a college degree or even a back ground in Psychology or counseling. With a PhD in Christian Counseling and masters with an emphasis in psychology and counseling  and many mental health field certifications as well as over 30 years of real counseling, I feel led to help on-line in this area.  The emphasis will be from a firm and sound psychology base with a Christian and Biblical emphasis.

My credentials will be posted and  as well as a short resume to add to the legitimacy of this new improved Drtruthman Blog.  I hope you will enjoy.  More to come.

Lee Outlaw III,,PhD – Pastor-Writer-Counselor-Church Consultant

Comments on: "Welcome to my Drtruthman WordPress Blog Facelift" (1)

  1. This will be a great advice and opinion blog.


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