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Not even considered

Symptoms often overlooked as epilepsy related

Being involved with literally hundreds of epileptics in epilepsy support groups, I’m amazed at those recently diagnosed as epileptics who had started out with simple illness symptoms that most of us wouldn’t consider as having anything to do with epilepsy; at least on their own.

The problem arises when over time and normal medical treatment by your General Practitioner these symptoms remain or even seem to increase.

Unfortunately, the GP prescribes a few tests which come back normal or maybe he or she gives you a Rx for a med that eliminates the problem but over time actually triggers other symptoms or even a seizure.

The attached drawing is an admittedly somewhat controversial drawing of many of the associated illnesses or symptoms of epilepsy. However, if you experience any of these, especially together, you should inform your doctor or neurologist immediately.

Any one of these illnesses can be signs of an impending seizure or related to an aura.

We all have these symptoms from time to time and as such the reason many consider this as controversial, but my experience has shown most epileptics have had these associated illnesses at one time.

I hope this drawing will help you better understand yourself as an epileptic or the epileptic in your life.

May God keep us all seizure free.

© 2019 Lee W. Outlaw III, PhD

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  1. I have had epilepsy for 40 years and have taken many anti-seizure medications.

    I don’t know if some of these are signs of epilepsy or a result of having taken anti-seizure medication. I took me years to find a doctor to listen to me, that someone was wrong with me, my sinuses were very dry (this happened when I was put on Topamax, to the point that I would have extremely bad bloody noses – I now have a perforated septum), the doctor told me that it was just that time of year. After changing doctors and switched to Depakote (a medication I had been on before and did not gain weight) I was gaining weight for no reason and then experienced depression and anxiety. I then began to also have insomnia and brain fog, chronic fatigue. I also always feel cold. The doctor put me on another medication and I became sensitive light, I couldn’t walk outright and had chronic headaches. I switched back to Topamax and now that I have been on it so long my nose is worse, my eyes get dry and my sweat glands do not work properly (I rarely sweat). This is calls Sjogren’s Sydrome (a Rheumatologist told me if I were able to change my seizure medication that I may not have the Sjogren’s Syndrome symptoms (but that cannot happen, I have tried). I do have morning stiffness (my feet would hurt when I would get up in the morning and my upper back), that is another 2 other autoimmune diseases.

    Unfortunately, too many doctors think that these are symptoms of something you have already been diagnosed with or just side effects of your medications and do not consider how toxic anti-seizure medications are while they should be listening to their patients. I remember growing up as a little girl having to have my blood drawn all the time because of the medication I was on. Big Pharma will always make medications that have side effects to harm the person taking it, so they can make another medication to treat that side effect.

    I left four doctors in three years because they did not want to listen to me. I got rid of two GPs, a neurologist (an epileptologist) and my therapist. My therapist wanted to continue increasing my anti-depressant however, doing this lowered my seizure threshold, I became sensitive to flashing flights and had a seizure at night. Apparently, I cannot take an anti-depressant. It wasn’t until I met with my new neurologist and she listened to all of my concerns did she do some tests and refer me to some other specialists.

    My rheumotolgits told me that a lot of anti-seizure medications can cause Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. Once you have one autoimmune disease, it is likely that you will have another (additional symptoms, not auras). I found out that I always feel cold because the storage of my iron is low. I wonder if the medication is doing something to my liver, I have not addressed that with my doctor yet. I have also found out that I have gout, psoriatic arthritis and Elher’s Danos Syndrome.

    I am the one that does the research and addresses my concerns with my doctor. If I didn’t, they probably would never get addressed.


  2. First of all, people with epilepsy do not like to be referred as epileptics anymore. It is more acceptable to refer to us as “People with Epilepsy”. You will not go on the Epilepsy Foundations website and find that word used.

    You are not a person to be trusted if you delete comments with valuable information for others. I can only assume that you get some kickback from big Pharma in some way or another. Sure you say, “May God keep us all seizure free”, but at the cost of reducing our quality because we have to take drugs made by Big Pharma?


    • Sorry for the delay Teresa, my wife has had cancer and been undergoing chemo therapy. 2nd, I don’t know where you get your info about Epilepsy and epileptics, but I am a member of the National Epilepsy Foundation and even counsel many patients at my on line site as well as in person. I also attend many support meetings and have never heard any epileptic, doctor or therapist say they didn’t want to be called an epileptic. I realize there is a stigma attached to epilepsy, but my neurologist said I need to realize who and what I am, I am an epileptic. I was pronounced dead once from a seizure and nearly died 2 years ago after I couldn’t wake up from a seizure. I do NOT support big Pharma. I have said so many times on this website. I do take cannabis along with Depakote and Keppra at my neurologist insistence. BTW, I got you beat, I was born with epilepsy and I am now 70. I apologize if I offended you. God bless you and you are in my prayers to be seizure free.


    • BTW, I never delete comments and haver taken kick backs.


  3. Vicki Mahne said:

    Hi I am 46 was diagnosed in the last 3 years, first with RA, then Fibro and after still complaining regarding my memory went for a 48 hour EEG and was diagnosed with Silent Epilepsy. RA and Fibro have all the above systems and the diagram make a lot of sense to me. I am on 3000mg epilepsy medication per day with all my other medication and Bilogics.
    Hope your wife is feeling better.


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