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Just don’t do it

L.W. Outlaw PhD

One of the greatest concerns among those of us in the mental health field today is the increasing problem of “suicide” or attempt thereof. Among adults within the USA, approximately 142 people take their own life every day and of those adults, 132 are men.

Needless to say, Covid-19 has only increased these numbers.Crying man

In essence, suicide is a big problem!

Suicide can grow out of many irrational and negative thoughts and emotions, such as feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Most often a person has already been diagnosed with a serious mental health problem such as Bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia and out of these problems, sub-problems such as Clinical depression has given rise to various negative results such as suicide.

Usually,(but not always),if a person has already been diagnosed with Clinical depression, they will NOT commit suicide; especially if they’re threatening to do so. It’s simply a cry for help and need for attention from family and friends.

Warning Signs of potential suicide:

  • Empty, hopeless, trapped, or having no reason to live
  • Extremely sad, more anxious, agitated, or full of rage
  • Unbearable emotional or physical pain
  • Making a plan or researching ways to die
  • Withdrawing from friends, saying good bye, giving away important items, or suddenly making a will
  • Taking dangerous risks such as driving extremely fast
  • Displaying extreme mood swings
  • Eating or sleeping more or less
  • Using drugs or alcohol more often

If you have, family or friends that are experiencing these feelings, just STOP, caution_diamond_warning_sign_sticker-650x800“Don’t take them for granted; get them or yourself professional help immediately!

It is not God’s will for you to debate your own existence or theirs’. It is God’s will for you to have LIFE and have it to the max! (John 10:10).

© 2021 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

How do you feel about that?

Psychologist will utilize personal and group therapy as their primary method of assisting their patient

The big difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist is the psychiatrist  has an MD as well as a PhD and that at his or her option can prescribe medication that can assist their patient with their particular problem. A good Psychologist will utilize personal and group therapy as their primary method of assisting the patient.

If we take it one step further, the Christian Psychologist will also utilize “lifestyle” teaching and scripture within his or her personal or group therapy sessions as additional tools to assist their patient with their particular problem.

One of the greatest challenges of the Christian psychologist is knowing what teaching and scripture to apply to the situation without turning the session into just another “ad hock” small group or Sunday School class. It’s always important to keep it professional.

People with problems want and need solutions. Getting to the heart of the problem is essential.

As I work through my counseling sessions with my patients, I try to keep them focused by keeping them on point and periodically referring back to what they believe to be their problem; what they believe is not always the case.

I try best as possible to refer them back to Philippians 4:8-9 “ whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

People need to focus on and accentuate in their lives the “positive things”; they’re what really matters.

If people focus on the positive long enough, it won’t be long before they’re feeling much better about everything.

I also like to ask my patients within the session, “How do you feel about that?” when discussing a potential solution to their problem.

If the patient feels better, he is twice as likely to get better faster because he helped solve his own problem.

So, “How do you feel about that?”

© 2021 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III




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How should we then live?

At the Heart of Christian Psychology is Repentance

In one point of my Psychology internships I served as a Chaplin at a Juvenile detention center. This facility was mainly for older boys and young men between  ages 12 to 17  and most had committed very serious crimes. I was often asked by these young men how I could help them “fix” their lives. They were off to a good start in doing so themselves  just by asking me that question. Their soul was yearning to be free and as my mentor Dr. John Drakeford would say in his book, “Psychology in Search of a Soul”,  his soul was seeking to meet his psyche’.

Ezekiel 33:10 tells us that at one point in her history, “Israel had become so offensive to God, that she wasn’t sure what to do  about it; just like those young men, their  soul was seeking some serious repair and she knew it; she just wasn’t sure how to do it. “Israel was so aware of how far she had strayed from God that a  public saying had developed among them which some say was even chanted: “(Our) offenses and sins weigh us down, and we are wasting away because of them.” Yet with all of this, Israel wasn’t  repentant of her disobedience to God.

This idea of Israel asking God how they should live has come to the forefront of American Christian Psychology; you have to realize you’re sick and  if  you want to become spiritually and emotionally well, you must change your world view; that is you must repent.

In other words, you must change from living your way to living God’s way.

In his book, “How shall  we then live”, author, Francis A. Schaeffer says the very same thing to America and Western civilization  that Ezekiel said to Israel.

Schaeffer points out that America is no longer obedient to God and as a result if she continues to do so, America will ultimately self destruct; bear in mind Schaeffer wrote this book in 1976.

© 2021 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III




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Untangling The Word of Truth

My spirit is over whelmed with  sadness as I see so many pastors and Bible teachers corrupting  Biblical Truth, so let me untangle it for you.

I know this will upset many people but I must address this before I explode.

There are great depths to which I could go with this topic but let me simply deal with one point: Eternal Security,  aka eternal salvation or “once save, always saved”.

There is one verse of scripture which makes everything CLEAR on this subject: Ephesians  2:8-9  which states: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

But unfortunately that’s not what most of our churches, preachers and teachers are teaching these days. Is it any wonder our people are confused?

I heard a televangelist preaching this past week on how to a “return to grace, if you have fallen from from grace? 

My question is, “HOW can you fall from grace if you’ve been born again?” you’ve repented of your sin and invited JESUS to come into your heart. The answer is clear, you can’t.

John reminds us, “Jesus gives us eternal life, and we shall never perish; no one can snatch us out of His hand.” (John 10:28)

Probably the greatest verse of all most of us have learned from childhood is John 3:16,

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Titus also tells us “2 the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time.”

That’s a pretty strong promise, ETERNALLY promised before the beginning of time. 

Of course there are always the nay Sayers that want to bring up Galatians 5:4 which says 4 You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace.

In other words, if you are trying to live a sinless life in expectation of getting into Heaven or you’re trying to live via the ten commandments, Levitical or Deuteronomic code/law, you can forget it. Only God’s grace through the shed blood of Jesus can get you there.

Jesus death and resurrection changed everything. Man is no longer bound by the law.

© 2021 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III




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What is the truth?

Screenshot 2021-07-25 153448

As I begin this article, let me say from the onset, I am not a medical doctor, however as my own GP recently reminded me, I am a Doctor of Psychology and my counsel and opinion are valuable and I should never apologize for being a doctor; no matter what my specialty. I should also point out however, that I did work for a very large Pharmaceutical Company in my twenties and I learned a lot about medical research, trial studies and test subjects.

Never in the history of our country has the question of “What is the truth” been more important with all the concern about Covid-19 and the Delta Variant.

Over the past month, I have seen four separate doctors; each for different reasons; 3 specialists and my GP. Each ask if I had one of the Covid-19 vaccines and each volunteered their own thoughts on why I should consider getting the vaccine since  I have not been vaccinated.

Only one of the four doctors was insistent that I should get vaccinated and he was extremely forceful and told me to ignore rumors and only look at the science; which I have. That particular doctor looked me right in the eye and told me he had read ALL the information on the various vaccines and had studied all the science and there was nothing to support increased risk to epilepsy patients or non- epilepsy patients prone to seizure. So, I came right home and studied the “science” provided to doctors and contrary to that doctor’s obvious miss-information each of the manufacturers had dozens of pages on the negative side effects for epilepsy and seizure prone patients and not only concerning epilepsy but literally hundreds of other medical problems.

It seems part of the problem is, that not even the “so called” medical research scientists agree on what is supposedly the truth and facts concerning their own conclusions concerning their own vaccine.

What our government tells us is that Covid-19 is one of the easiest viruses to catch and fastest spreading the world has ever seen. I guess they forgot about the Spanish Flu in 1918.

What our government is less open about are the side effects of any of the 3 Covid-19 vaccines.

The reason that the government is less than open about the side effects of the 3 Covid-19 vaccines   is because all of the vaccines are still “technically” in trial use and we the entire world population are the trial subjects; it doesn’t matter if we die or not, you see that’s what happens in trial studies. Of course, Big Pharma can do no harm, right? But I can tell you what one Pharmaceutical executive told me back in the 70’s, while I worked at that major Pharmaceutical company, “What the public doesn’t know about the medicines they’re taking won’t hurt us” (the Pharmaceutical Industry).

When I checked the Covid-19 vaccine interaction with two of my three Anti-seizure meds, this is what I was told:

No interactions data were found for Covid-19 Vaccine, Azd-1222 (Astrazeneca) (Pf) 0.5 Ml Im Susp (Unapp). That does not mean there are no existing interactions (In other words there could be, negative interactions but since we are fast tracking this vaccine, we don’t have time to study. My words NOT  Astrazeneca). Consult your pharmacist or healthcare provider before taking these medications.

We do know minimal information about the various vaccines.

This is the consensus of the information provided by the vaccine manufacturers:

When we get a vaccine, it activates our immune response. This helps our bodies learn to fight off the virus without the danger of an actual infection. If we are exposed to the virus in the future, our immune system “remembers” how to fight it. All authorized COVID-19 vaccines provide significant protection against serious illness and hospitalization due to COVID-19. (Their words, not mine)

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use messenger RNA, or mRNA. mRNA vaccines do not contain a live virus — they give our bodies “instructions” for how to make and fight the harmless spike-shaped proteins that will protect against a COVID-19 infection. While these vaccines use new technology, researchers have been studying them for decades.

The Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine is a viral vector vaccine and also does not contain a live virus. It uses a harmless adenovirus to create a spike protein that the immune system responds to, creating antibodies to protect against COVID-19.

Although the mRNA technology being used supposedly does not effect our DNA, one doctor told me what we know about DNA is still in it’s infancy and in his opinion their is no certainty that the mRNA can be guanteed as to not effect our DNA. 

The fact that no live virus is being used also leaves a lot to be questioned.

Even though they (The vaccine manufacturers) admit those with epilepsy may be seizure susceptible after receiving the vaccine. And this is only one example; there could be hundreds more side effects. That’s why normally it takes five to seven years in a research study for any medication to receive FDA approval, in order to factor in all of the possible existing medical conditions and pharmaceutical interaction; in other words, there are so many variables that the fast track approach to FDA approval that the current vaccines has overlooked that anyone taking these vaccines cannot be assured of complete safety.

I am not anti-vaccine and if there is ever a vaccine developed utilizing normal research and development procedures, I would personally consider taking it. Unfortunately, there will probably never be a normal research and development procedure of a vaccine that is safe to use because Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have convinced our government who in turn has convinced the American people that the current vaccines are not only safe but essential in destroying the spread of Covid-19 and it’s variant as well as they have too much to lose financially.

If you read the science along with all of the information provided by the three manufacturers ( for the general public) of the vaccines being utilized, it’s very easy to understand why the American people are being fearfully pressured into being vaccinated.

The irony to all of this is that even the three manufacturers won’t guarantee that if you take their vaccine that you still won’t get Covid-19 or the Delta variant; in fact, there are many people that have been vaccinated and still gotten Covid-19.

Most of the manufacturers agree that the vaccine only gives approximately a 68% advantage in not contracting Covid-19 while the use of Hydrochloriquine along with the antibiotic, Aziththromycin (Z-Pack) and massive amounts of Zinc and vitamin D-3 have anywhere from a 78% to 98% chance of complete virus eradication.

Incase anyone missed it, President Biden had a town hall the other night and said if you get vaccinated then you can’t get covid, you won’t be hospitalized and you can’t die from it.  He’s also  considering another round of mask mandates even for vaccinated people.

In fact, the CDC made it clear that the information President Biden gave the White House Press Corp in this most recent Press Conference was wrong.

So “What is the truth?”

Jesus said He was the way the truth and the life. He is the only truth you can believe.

You have to decide for yourself what you will do concerning vaccination and I know many Christians are concerned that vaccination is the mark of the beast. I do not.

The following is my recommendation for dealing with the Covid-19 vaccination: 

 1. If you haven’t done so, accept Jesus as your Saviour.

2.Pray diligently about what you should do. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. 16 Rejoice always,17 pray  continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV)

3.Make sure your prayer is effective The prayer of a righteous man (man trying to do right) is powerful and effective. … remember this: (James 5:16 NIV) In other words, even if you’re a Christian but living  a sinful life , your prayer won’t get above your ceiling.

4. Start or join a prayer group if your church doesn’t have one; also let me know and I will pray with you (For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”(Mtt 18:20)

Don’t let the CDC, FDA or our government attempt to scare you into your vaccination decision. Let it be your’s and the Lord’s alone.

2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”.

God will guide you in your decision if you ask Him and allow Him.

© 2021 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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Epilepsy: Identity? or Condition?

by Lee Outlaw, PhD


It’s been quite a while, since I’ve wrote anything concerning epilepsy, but considering the fact that my own journey with epilepsy delayed my writing and brought me to this point, I felt the need to share this fact with you.

On December 26th, 2018, I was riding in the car with my daughter driving (thank God) on our way to have lunch with my wife but less than 10 blocks from our home, I had a grand maul seizure. My son was in the back seat and called for the paramedics. Neither of my 2 children accompanying me had ever witnessed me having a major seizure and was frightened terribly.  When the paramedics got me to the hospital, the ER doctor had difficulty waking me up. When I finally woke up, they performed a CAT scan and found me normal but when I was returned to my room, I had a second seizure and the doctors were considering inducing a coma; thank God they did not. They simply put me on two additional anti-seizure meds and released me 24 hours later and told to see my neurologist ASAP; which I did.

Epilepsy not only causes seizures but can cause drastic changes in a person’s life; for those of us that have had this dreaded condition since birth.

I have experienced physically the most changes ever since that dreadful day in 2018: my family will no longer let me drive(although I am legal to do so), or leave me at home alone, I was left with difficulty in using my left leg (although I can walk but often with the assistance of a cane),I must wear light weight shoes, I have lost some strength in my left arm and hand and I was also left partially incontinent and if that wasn’t bad enough, I can now easily experience photo sensitive seizures from prolonged use of artificial light, and using the computer or watching TV without the use of anti-blue light glasses.

I hope this explains a bit more why I have written articles in a while.

This article came about by accident as a reader sent in a comment about an article I wrote over a year ago; and not really about mental health but rather a neurological condition, namely, epilepsy which I have lived with since birth and mostly without medication.

Mind you I know the stigma. My grandfather suffered, with this dreaded condition; while running a farm and being the father to eight children.

None of my aunts or uncles would discuss it and tried to hide it from me.  My father was told I needed help from a neurologist when I was a child.  He refused to do so and told me just before he passed that he refused to let our family doctor label me as “crazy”. That was the “stigma” associated with epilepsy during the “50’s and 60’s”. If you had epilepsy; you were “crazy” at the least and “demon possessed” at best. Either way, parents of such children were seen as the problem and not the child themselves.   Parents were concerned about their social status in their church, their business, their lodges or clubs.

Those such as my father were afraid that people might think there was some sordid deed in his past life before he became a Christian that God was holding him accountable through his son. Fortunately that is not how God works. Jesus came to Earth to forgive human beings of their sin and to heal people spiritually and physically.

There are those that want to make epilepsy or any discussion of such as something which must be discussed from within the social, medical and political correct verb age of the day; In other words if you and your Neurologist have always referred to you as “epileptic”, yet suddenly one day, one of the many Epilepsy Foundations ( last I read there were 2 major foundations and at least 32 regional foundations in Texas alone) decides that particular term is offensive and you now have to refer to yourself as a person with epilepsy rather than an epileptic; it does nothing to help the person or treat the condition. In fact, changing the verb age actually damages our ability to get proper treatment, financial assistance and even the correct medication for your type of epilepsy.

Epilepsy has over the past several decades has experienced many changes in doctors moving from epilepsy specialist to Epileptologist that treat only epilepsy, dozens of new time released medications, DNA testing, new surgical procedures and much more on the way.

If we start moving the goal post of verbal discussion, it will simply preclude treatment for those that need our help.

I apologize to anyone I might have offended by referring to myself as an epileptic. I do have EPILEPSY and I don’t mind being referred to as an “Epileptic”. In my opinion, it makes no difference how you identify yourself, just be sure to get regular neuro checks, take your meds on time and get at least 8 hours sleep nightly.

I hope this will explain and clarify my stance on Epilepsy.

BTW, I do NOT receive any financial remuneration from Big Pharma but I do accept private donations via Pay Pal of any amount via Dr. Lee Outlaw

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This article will be moved to “Epilepsy in Plain Sight” in two weeks in order to conserve space.

Learning to Laugh Again

Lee W. Outlaw III, PhD

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It was December 31, 2020 that I wrote my last article for Drtruthman Counseling and a lot has happened since.

Since the Covid-19 lock down I have noticed much less joy in the hearts and lives of people; for obvious reasons. Nobody likes to be imprisoned; even within their own home at the least, not to mention their mind! Many of us weren’t sure if we would live or die; especially those of us over 65. I didn’t go out for nearly 6 months.

We lost several either directly or indirectly we had loved over the years, including: Larry King and Rush Limbaugh.

Like everyone else, I too was relegated to my home; which was unfortunate considering my studio, (being remodeled) was only partially completed making it difficult to get anything via Drtruthman Counseling completed.

So here we are, mostly “Post Pandemic” and yet much of the world still very much mourning and scared to death.

Very few people are laughing; certainly I have had no laughing disorder cases such as  hebrephrenia or pseudobulbar.

It’s been a difficult time so nobody is laughing and it recently occurred to me that we must come out of all this despair.

Like many of you, I was also affected by covid-19. My wife had to be tested and re-tested 4 separate times in order to have serious cancer surgery, My 2 year old grandson had to be tested twice for necessary surgery. My youngest sister and youngest brother-in-law passed away (both in their fifties). I had 2 cousins diagnosed with Covid-19 and one remains hospitalized.

I also experienced a tremendous loss of income, my daughter and one of my sons also lost their jobs.

In essence, it’s been tuff on every one.

As the old saying goes, “In every cloud, there is a silver lining” and so there is; my wife is now cancer free and Joy Marie Outlaw, a healthy baby girl! 6lbs 14oz brown hair, blue eyes was born June 17, 2021 in Houston, TX to my son Tim and his wonderful wife Sara.

I’m not laughing yet but I am happy over these recent developments and feeling much better and more positive about things in general.

Since I am a Christian and Christian Counselor and this is an article for “Drtruthman Christian Counseling and Opinion”, let me offer a few words from God’s word:

Isaiah 40:31 reminds us “but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

This passage is one of my favorites and I hope it can bring comfort to many of you.

Wait for the Lord, give Him time and you will ultimately laugh once again. God’s blessings on us all.

© 2021 Lee W. Outlaw III, PhD

Food for thought

In the world of Optometry 20/20 refers to clear and perfect vision, ironically the year 2020 for most of us has been anything but clear.

Having just celebrated 10 years on Drtruthman Counseling and Opinion. I want to thank each of you that took time over those 10 years to visit my website, read my articles and leave comments.

As 2020 comes to a close and 2021begins, please join me as I expand the site throughout the coming year with new features, original video programs and written articles.

My goal is to help everyone seeking clarity on life.

As each of us begin the journey into 2021, may God grant us clarity and love through His only son, Jesus.


Happy Thanksgiving

This is a test for my Dr. Truthman Program.

Click the top bar to listen to the the Drtruthman Program theme intro and the picture for my Personal Thanksgiving message.

Thanks to everyone

Dr. Lee Outlaw in temporary studio

Thank you to everyone who has recently followed and/or liked my site. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

I realize I am far behind in my responses and I do apologize; especially to my epilepsy followers. As many of you are aware from my previous articles on epilepsy, I am a multi-symptom, generalized epileptic and I am capable of having any kind of seizure anytime; especially under stress. I was actually born with epilepsy and over the 69 years of my life I have found “controlling stress” to be the key factor in staying “seizure free”. I know many of you have questions and I will answer those questions ASAP.

My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and it has been a full time job dealing with that while trying to remain “seizure free” amongst the related stress. (I’m sure you fellow epileptics understand).

We are still planning on an early December, 2020 launch date of our weekly taped video program.

Once again thanks to each of you, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lee W. Outlaw III PhD

(aka; “Drtruthman”)

The Drtruthman Counseling Program

No psycho-babble here.

Just simple practical suggestions for many of life’s difficult situations.

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The age old question returns: “What is wrong with people?”

Riot/Protest in Minneapolis

What is wrong with people?

by Dr. Lee Outlaw


With the death of George Floyd in the news, the age old question returns: “What is wrong with people?”
In general the question seems to be both cross generational and cross cultural but overall the intricacy of the question can be broken down as follows:

The negative behavior of people (both individually and within any group) seems to be a result of the following:
1. People don’t think things through thoroughly
2. People generally tend to take the easy way out
3. People tend to care more about themselves than the greater good of others
4. People tend to care more about themselves than the law
5. People tend to care more about themselves than God and their faith
6. People care more about feelings than consequences
7. People tend to believe the unbelievable but can’t believe in an all knowing and all powerful God.

In the area of psychology, we refer to this study of people and what sometimes appears to be a less than normal and lack of common sense approach to life as “Social Psychology”.
Of course within secular psychology, the study of such is an attempt to scientifically understand and explain how thoughts, feelings, and behavior of people are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others within society. Simply stated, social psychology is all about understanding how each person’s behavior is influenced by others and their social surroundings; a.k.a “peer pressure” as we have seen in the protest and riots all across our country.

Although there are many theories concerning this man’s horrific death (including numerous conspiracy theories), the bottom line is that every part of this story from the police action to the resulting protest and riots are the result of humanity’s sinful nature. The Bible says, “All have sinned…”Romans 3:23.

The problem within mainstream secular psychology however, is that there is no real defined moral base or ethical value such as the Bible from which to standardize such a study of an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. Sadly, people, especially our youth no longer attend church or even believe in God.

As a result, apart from fluctuating statistics in comparison analysis of the same given criteria among ones peers or an established psychological norm (at any given moment) there is no established standard for people to follow, so if one person does a certain thing and it seems right to another person, then the same action is repeated.

Regardless of one’s philosophical, political, religious or psychological view, we have all been dissatisfied, disappointed or even frustrated by people either within or outside our social and family circle and we have asked the question or variation thereof, “What is wrong with people?”

It is time for this destructive behavior going on throughout our country to stop.
Either a strong rational behavioral modification must be attempted or a more radical consequence utilized to force these adult children to relinquish their riotous and dangerous actions.

Let me emphasize that I do not desire any further hurt, death or destruction but the recent riotous actions must stop and not be allowed to continue.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will give strength and comfort to our president along with the wisdom to make right and Godly decisions and may God intervene to destroy the demonic powers which have possessed those committing these heinous acts.

For more, read my series from 2018 on Drtruthman Counseling, “What is wrong with people?”
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© 2020 Lee W. Outlaw III, PhD

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