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When going it alone is not enough



Man drinking beer

When going it alone is not enough


Dr. Lee Outlaw

It doesn’t matter what the addiction is but especially alcohol and controlled substance addicts require professional help to initiate the recovery process.

For some of the minor addictions (and alcohol and controlled substances are not minor addictions), spiritual help from a minister or prayer group might be all that is needed.


Dr. Lee Outlaw’s guidelines for identifying when the need of professional help for addicts is necessary in his latest Christian Counseling article from the #examinercom #LeeOutlaw #Drtruthman3

2012 Top 10 Resolutions




2012 Top 10 Resolutions – Brownsville Christianity |


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My latest article from The Examiner on

A light hearted look at 2012 resolutions as a Brownsville, Texas Christianity Examiner

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